Consultant, Published Author,  Mentor, Certified Life Coach, Certified DiSC Trainer

Her passion is teaching women how to “Create Success Cycles” using proven personal development tools to achieve higher and higher levels of success.  She possesses a unique perspective on life and brings her clients to greater levels of accountability and personal responsibility without guilt or shame.  She believes a woman’s journey to self-awareness is her path to freedom, security, and empowerment.

She created The Natural Girl in 2008, a character who promotes natural health and environmentalism.  Visit her blog at thenaturalgirl.com.



Leader, Consultant, Mentor, Certified DISC Trainer

Her passion is helping and supporting women.  She is very involved in the community.  As Director of Outreach for WiTT – Women in Technology of Tennessee, she has a focus on mentoring young females and educating them in the technology space.  She sits on two advisory boards focused on programs for our youth in both technology and entrepreneurial guidance.

Her desire is to bring her experiences to other women, to help empower them in a way that breaks down any walls surrounding them.  She is passionate about inspiring and motivating women to be all that they can be.

Kimber and Jules would like you to know that whatever your desires are, you can achieve them, and you are not alone.  We provide the tools you need to reach the levels of personal and professional development you seek!

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Nicole B.

Billings, MT

This guided journal is inspiring, motivational and enlightening. Each day helps you dig deep within yourself to remember your strengths (as well as some weaknesses) so you can truly conquer all your doubts and fears and live the life you're meant to live. It's simple, straightforward and impactful!

Lori B

South Florida

Kimberly is a warrior for women. As a survivor she is a masterful mentor. Her brave and loving spirit unites us, inspires us and empowers us to live FREE. Gently and beautifully guiding the way, she shows you how to speak your truth so you can fearlessly take your power back, own your power and hold it for good. These tools work like a magical key for both personal and professional relationships. Use Kimberly’s success journal and attend her workshops. Become a powerful advocate for women’s success! We are stronger together. Invest in yourself. I did. I’m worth it. And so are you.

Kelly S

Julie is an amazing leader!  I went back to school to change careers after being a teacher for 10 years. She was my first Senior Manager in my new career, and I couldn’t have asked for a better leader and mentor. Never once did Julie doubt my abilities, even when I did. She was always very encouraging. She gave me the space to figure things out for myself and would help me when I needed it. Also, she always made it a point to recognize her team members for their accomplishments. Julie wants the best for her team, and it shows. She is the perfect mix of leader, encourager, and cheerleader! I am so thankful to have been able to start my new career on Julie’s team.

Steve E

I have a daughter. I see the struggle for young girls and women. I am blown away by this incredible website and the journal is truly groundbreaking tool. All it takes is some desire in a person to make that change. And this is inspirational as the author is passionate to lift people up and change lives in a positive way. Life changing!

Roberta N

I love my journal! It is helping me so much right now. I think every woman should have one!

Victoria M

It was good. It's a reminder to myself to take the time to journal. Your personal story was nice that you shared, made it easier to connect with where your coming from, mindset.

Monique F

This was a wonderful workshop and the timing was perfect!

Thomas G.

Atlanta, GA

Julie's passion for students is evident to anyone who works with her. As an advisor on the Tennessee Department of Education's IT Industry Advisory Council, Julie helped us revise course standards and create professional development materials for teachers. Her contributions were always focused on what was best for the students--what kinds of skills and knowledge they needed to succeed in the workplace. Julie continues to bring this passion to her workshops as a mentor to young women and girls.

Jessica W.

San Francisco Bay area

Julie was one of my first managers in my career, and boy did I luck out. It was invaluable to have a leader who was so empathetic, accessible, & practical in her guidance. Multiple members of our team went through difficult situations in their personal lives, and Julie fostered a team culture with a healthy balance of being performance-focused, yet respectful of the fact that sometimes, other things need to take precedence over work. Julie gave me straightforward feedback that I needed as a young professional, connected me to a wider community of women in tech, and gave me the resources to grow as a business analyst. Now I am a software consultant, and I still draw on the lessons that I learned during my time on Julie's team!


D'Iberville, MS

Kimberly's speaking at our Women in Business luncheon was one of my favorites! She is such an empowering person!

Vanessa A

After reviewing my DISC assessment with Kimberly I felt extremely empowered and prepared for the next steps of success in my post-graduation future! I definitely recommend their services.


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