What’s the secret to getting more out of your team? Becoming a more effective leader!


One of the joys of my work is getting to work with leaders, helping them identify how they can be more effective and achieve greater results.  Our company, Crowned Enterprises, LLC, utilizes a leadership construct that includes Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®, as well as principles described in the book Work of Leaders, written by Julie Straw, Barry Davis, Mark Scullard, and Susie Kukkonen.

Upon examining leadership, you can evaluate some of your experiences with leaders in the course of your professional life.  Do you think it’s important for the people in an organization to feel safe?  What about trust?  Is it important for people to feel like they can trust their leader(s)?

We believe that leaders are called to influence their people, so that they earnestly and willingly follow and support the leader and the organization.

We believe a leader who shows compassion for his or her people unlocks their ability to be more engaged and more committed to the organization’s ideas, ideals, and strategies when they know the leader cares about them, listens to them, and values them.

How can you show your people that you value them?  One way is to invest in their personal development with our customized training. (Click here to inquire)  Our leadership training follows the Vision, Alignment, and Execution model.

If you’re a leader, you’re leading people somewhere, you’re creating change.  If the group is staying in the same place, they may need a manager, but not a leader.

A leader’s 3 fundamental duties include: crafting a vision, building alignment, and effecting execution of that vision.  When we talk about crafting a vision, that is carried out from the top leader and then from the leaders at all subsequent levels within the organization.  We work with all of your leaders to define your vision clearly, and then to determine your strategies for execution of the vision.

Crafting your vision is a dynamic process within your organization or team that benefits from multiple perspectives. Organizations intent on building shared visions encourage their people to develop their personal visions.  If people don’t have their own vision, you may get compliance from them, but never commitment.

We believe that a big part of your job as a leader is to generate and implement ideas that will make things better in your organization.  Our job is to help you and your people create higher levels of success and profitability in 2020.  It would be our pleasure to work with you! (Initial consultations and Needs Assessments are complimentary.)

Your success is our business!

Kimberly Armstrong

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