The following resources are available to you for immediate download. The items in this section are meant to assist you on your journey to empowerment and growth!
Have fun with this process!

A Woman's Dance With Life

To help you along on your journey to empowerment, please enjoy this free download! This ebook will help inspire you to uncover your passion and purpose in life, and motivate you to make the necessary changes to lead a more fulfilled life.

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(For Dress For Success Affiliates Only)

Dress For Success - Success Journal Affiliates Guide

This guide is available for Dress for Success affiliates. Use this free download to assist you in your guided journaling exercises with your professional development groups.

The Heart Scar Story

We are all here to fulfill our God-given purpose in life, and to experience all of the beauty of life. We have to learn to love ourselves and to appreciate ourselves in order to achieve real success. Enjoy this free download!

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The Rocket Scar Story

We all have a Divine purpose, but we don’t always know exactly how to fulfill that purpose. What matters is that you have faith in your capabilities, and you never quit! Stay the course, keep going, and your endeavors will take off like a rocket! Enjoy this free download!

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